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20 Hours
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Course Overview

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Course Description

Advanced Excel Training in Bangalore helps you to learn all the tricks and functions within Microsoft excel. It is now used in almost all business applications and considered as one of the essential skill that recruiters look for in Job placement interview. Use of excel has drastically increased day to day activities as this can be used in multiple ways to collect, sort, modify the existing data. Learning Advanced excels helps you to make the complicated task easier.

Topics Covered

    1 Pivots and Pivot Graphs:

    • Creating of Pivot Table
    • Using Summary function in Pivot Table
    • Pivot Table Calculations
    • Creating own formulas in Pivots
    • Grouping and Ungrouping in Pivot Tables
    • Creating Pivot Graph
    • Custom Filter on Pivot Table
    • Formatting Pivot table (Removing old data, grand total, subtotal …etc.)

    2 Working on Objects:

    • Inserting Objects
    • Inserting different files into Excel (like .doc, .pdf, .txt files)
    • Hyper linking to different sheets
    • Providing screen tips in hyper link
    • Hyperlink to send emails
    • Inserting symbols
    • Sending working file to an email

    3 Data Management in Excel - Sorting:

    • Rearranging of Data
    • Sorting by alphabets, numbers and time

    Filtering Data:

    • Using Auto filter option
    • Custom Filtering with different options
    • Advanced Filtering
    • Find Unique records using advanced filtering
    • Filter using operators AND/OR
    • Filter by color

    Grouping and Outlining Data

    • Group and ungroup rows and columns
    • Auto outlining the data
    • Freezing and Unfreezing

    Data Validation:

    • Use Data Validation in Excel
    • Using Input Message in Data validation
    • Using error message in Data Validation

    Removing duplicate records:

    • Remove duplicate records in a spreadsheet
    • Customize to remove the duplicate values

    Split Texts:

    • Split texts to different columns
    • Remove special character from a string and split the string

    Data Consolidation:

    • Combining different spreadsheet using data consolidation
    • Using summary function in data consolidation

    Conditional Formatting:

    • Use of conditional formatting
    • Custom formatting

    Copy Data:

    • Use of format painter
    • Use of paste special
    • Strike through a value
    • Find and Replace

    View Multiple Files:

    • Arrange multiple windows to view in one time
    • Split big sheet into sub sheets for better analysis

    Working on Tab:

    • Hide/ Unhide a tab
    • Color a tab
    • Move /Copy the tab to another sheet/workbook

    4 Advanced Functions:

    • V-Lookup
    • H-Lookup
    • IF
    • Index Match
    • Rows
    • Columns
    • Match
    • Offset
    • Get Pivot Data
    • Date and Time Functions
    • Text Functions
    • Operators
    • Mathematical functions
    • Calculation options

    Name Manager:

    • Define a name to a range
    • Use of name manager
    • Using formulas in name manager
    • Editing name range

    5 Data Connection from External Data:

    • From access
    • From SQL
    • From Web
    • From ODBC

    6 Customize your Excel view:

    • Customize Excel view
    • Developer Option
    • Trust Centre
    • Add-Ins
    • Save directory options
    • Language Setting
    • Quick access toolbar

    7 Security options in excel:

    • Protecting the worksheet
    • Protecting the workbooks
    • Sharing the workbook
    • Allow users to edit ranges

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