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Course Overview

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Course Description

  1. Introduction
  2. Concepts: Model-View-Controller
  3. Basic Backbone
  4. Event handling
  5. The model in depth
  6. Collections: Multiple models
  7. Manipulating collections with Underscore.js
  8. Display information with Views
  9. Update server-side data with forms
  10. Change views with a router
  11. Advanced topics and techniques
  12. Improve Performance

Topics Covered


    • What is backbone Js
    • Why backbone Js
    • Setting up the environment
    • A simple example

    Concepts: Model-View-Controller:

    • What is Model-View-Controller?
    • How does Backbone.js fit into this model?
    • What about the back-end?

    Basic Backbone:

    • A very simple model
    • Retrieving our simple model
    • Saving our simple model

    Event handling:

    • Capturing events
    • Abandoning events
    • Triggering events

    The model in depth:

    • Building a Model with extend()
    • Getters and setters
    • Constructors and defaults
    • Managing changes
    • Validation

    Collections: Multiple models:

    • Overview of the collections API
    • Creating your own Collection
    • Adding and removing elements
    • Comparing and sorting elements
    • Filtering collections
    • Data manipulation as a batch operation

    Manipulating collections with Underscore.js:

    • Iteration functions (forEach, map, filter)
    • Accessors: last, first
    • Searching: contains/include, etc
    • Aggregation functions: max, min, etc.

    Display information with Views:

    • Display a Model
    • Display a Collection
    • Display Aggregated (Reduced) Data

    Backbone.sync: How to talk to a server:

    • The RESTful model of CRUD interaction
    • Standard syncing over REST
    • Alternatives for non-RESTful applications

    Update server-side data with forms:

    • Display forms
    • Perform client-side form validation
    • Submit a form to update an object

    Change views with a router:

    • Start on a main route
    • Create links to display different views
    • Animate changes
    • Tracking History

    Advanced topics and techniques:

    • Create an automatically updating view
    • Extracting common code to libraries

    Improve Performance:

    • Preparations
    • Update data with a changes feed
    • Make requests over a websocket
    • Organize with Pagination

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