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Course Overview

Ecorptrainings & Services (ECT) is incorporated in India. Since inception ECT has a strong focus on the trainings in latest IT Technologies to serve IT Industries.Having gained proven expertise in various Business and versatile technology areas,ECT has assisted companies for better business performance by implementing the industry best practices being followed all over the world.

ECT is specialized in providing Corporate & Online trainings, IT Consulting, HR Consulting (Recruitment & outsourcing) using industry best practices that helps companies to translate and leverage their strategic business initiatives into tangible benefits. ECT has infinite strength to provide innovative and flexible delivery models (on-site and offshore). ECT has unique blend of professional strength assisting IT Industries , Oil and Gas Sector, Government organizations, Pharmaceuticals, Health Care, Manufacturing and Trading, Financial institutions and Service industry to achieve their business goals.

Course Description

Oracle with Endeca plans to create a comprehensive technology platform to process, store, manage, search and analyze structured and unstructured information together enabling businesses to make stronger and more profitable decisions. The combination of Oracle ATG Commerce with Endeca's InFront web commerce solutions is expected to enhance cross-channel commerce, merchandising, and online customer experiences. Adding Endeca Latitude software to Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBI EE) is expected to provide a single unified user interface for analysis of structured and unstructured data.

Topics Covered

    • Endeca Architecture and standard template
    • Configuration of Index Servers and Search Servers.
    • Endeca CAS component
    • Properties and Dimensions
    • Meaning of Forge and its configuration
    • Understaning of DGIDX
    • Multiple source data configuration for Endeca export – CMS / Database / Text files / Website etc…
    • Partial updates / Incremental Updates
    • Performance tuning and debugging.
    • Search Interface
    • Relevance ranking and testing
    • Record Boost & Burry features
    • Page Builder / Rule Manager
    • Creating custom templates & cartridges
    • Multi language configurations
    • Configurations for custom spell check / suggestion ( do spell check only for a limited dimensions)
    • Search Configurations – Thesaurus, Stop words, Phrases, Stemming, Dimension Order etc…
    • Track the data flow through forge process
    • Special character handling
    • External Dimensions & Dimension Groups
    • Get & Set Instance Configuration in Developer Studio
    • Understanding of Dgraphs and Agraphs.
    • Endeca Query – Understanding of various query parameters & Endeca XQuery
    • Endeca Migration activities
    • Forge Configuration Manager

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