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Course Summary

IT, Software & Hardware
Beginner/Entry level

Course Overview

Our Training program offers various Information Technology courses with a focus on developing Business Professionals, Software Programmers, Quality Assurance Engineers, Database Administrators and Unix/Linux System Administrators.

Our instructors are IT professionals who possess expert knowledge, practical experience and the ability to communicate their knowledge and skills effectively.

They work full-time for high-tech companies, R&D Labs and another real world environment where they apply the technologies and competencies that they teach in our classrooms.

Dedication to Information Technology training makes us stay 100% focused on achieving your training goals

Our goal is to ensure each participant leaves our training program acquiring the necessary skill and confidence to deliver the support you need as well as with an understanding of how your specific applications are important to achieve success in business.

Course Description

  • You can easily understand and apply several commands of Git
  • You can easily explore the tools of Git with the desktop and source tree.
  • You can implement the design ofGit flow in the source tree
  • You can use commands and tools for reviews
  • You can apply different designing and techniques of workflow with the help of command line

Topics Covered

    • The trainer will create repositories for the project, and you will have to fork that.
    • You will have to clone the forked repository on the machine and create a feature branch
    • You can add some files, edit them and even remove them. Consequently, you can check out the changes brought about to the feature and pushed it to the original repo.
    • You will have to configure the upstream repo and even create a pull request for other developers
    • Try to work on the features of pull apply for and provide different comments on the user interface of GitHub.
    • You are free to merge the changes from the pull repository and push the changes to the main branch.
    • Make sure that you delete the branches and the features.

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