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Course Overview

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Course Description

  1. Taxation and GST Basics

  2. GST Concepts and Basics

  3. GST Registration

  4. GST Invoicing

  5. GST Returns

  6. Input Tax Credit

  7. GST Valuation

  8. GST Administration and CGST Act,2017

  9. IGST and IGST Act

  10. UTGST and UTGST Act

Topics Covered

    Taxation and GST Basics:

    What is Tax:

    1. What is Direct and Indirect Tax
    2. What is GST
    3. GST History
    4. GST Challenges
    5. GST Benefits
    6. Drawbacks of GST
    7. Why GST
    8. Types of GST Models
    9. Destination Consumption and Origin-based GST
    10. GST Model

    GST Concepts and Basics:

    1. Dual GST Model
    2. IGST Method
    3. GST Terms
    4. Taxable Event
    5. GST Rate
    6. Threshold Limits
    7. GST Exempt Supply
    8. Input Tax Credit
    9. Electronic Ledger
    10. GST Input Tax Credit (ITC)
    11. GST Composition Scheme or Levy
    12. Reverse Charge
    13. Input Service Distributor (ISD)
    14. GST Supply
    15. GST Value of Supply
    16. GST Time of Supply
    17. GST Place of Supply
    18. GST Compliance Rating

    GST Registration:

    1. GSTIN
    2. GST Registration Forms
    3. Liable for GST Registration
    4. Casual Registration
    5. Non-Resident Person
    6. Compulsory GST Registration
    7. GST Migration for Central Excise/Service Tax Assesses
    8. GST Registration
    9. Deemed Registration
    10. Voluntary GST Registration
    11. Amendment to GST Registration
    12. GSTIN Cancellation and Revocation
    13. GST Enrolment or Registration FAQs

    GST Invoicing:

    1. What is an Invoice
    2. GST Invoice Types
    3. GST Tax Invoice
    4. GST Bill of Supply
    5. GST Supplementary and Revised Invoices
    6. GST Invoice Format
    7. GST Invoicing Time limits
    8. Changing GST Invoice
    9. GST Invoice Signing
    10. Goods Transport Agency (GTA)
    11. Goods Transportation without invoice
    12. Knocked Down Goods
    13. GST Invoice Rules

    GST Returns:

    1. What is a Return
    2. GST Return
    3. GST Returns Types
    4. How to File GST Returns
    5. GST Return Submit Process
    6. GST Outward Supplies Return GSTR-1
    7. GST Inward Supplies Return GSTR-2
    8. GST Returns for Composition Business
    9. GST Returns for Other Businesses
    10. GSTR-9 Return
    11. GSTR-10 Return
    12. GST Returns for E-Commerce Company
    13. GST Composition Levy Rules
    14. GSTN Dashboard
    15. Return Filing on GSTN

    Input Tax Credit:

    1. ITC Entitlement Conditions
    2. Utilization of GST ITC
    3. Other ITC Scenario
    4. CENVAT and VAT Credit
    5. GST Input Tax Credit Time Limit
    6. GST Refunds
    7. GST Refund Rules
    8. GST Input Tax Credit Rules

    GST Valuation:

    1. GST Valuation
    2. Valuation of goods and services for a consideration
    3. Valuation of goods and services without a consideration
    4. Value of Supply of Services in Case of Pure Agent
    5. GST Valuation Rules

    GST Administration and CGST Act,2017:

    1. GSTN
    2. Role of CBEC
    3. Powers of Officers
    4. Tax Exemption and Levy
    5. GST Levy Time and Value
    6. Input Tax Credit
    7. Tax Invoice
    8. Credit and Debit Note
    9. GST Returns
    10. GST Payment
    11. Input Tax Credit Transfer
    12. GST Refunds
    13. GST Assessment
    14. GST and Law
    15. GST Demand and Recovery
    16. Liability to pay
    17. Advance Ruling
    18. Appeals under GST
    19. GST Offences and Penalties
    20. Transitional Provisions
    21. GST Miscellaneous Provisions
    22. Important Schedules of GST

    IGST and IGST Act:

    1. IGST Basics
    2. Preliminary of the IGST ACT, 2016
    3. GST Administration
    4. Tax Levy and Collection
    5. Nature of Supply
    6. Place of Supply
    7. Tax Refund
    8. Zero rated supply
    9. Apportionment of Tax and Settlement of Funds
    10. Miscellaneous

    UTGST and UTGST Act:

    1. UTGST Basics
    2. Preliminary of the UTGST ACT, 2016
    3. GST Administration in UTGST
    4. Tax Levy and Collection
    5. Tax Payment
    6. Tax Apportionment and Funds Settlement
    7. Transitional Provisions
    8. Miscellaneous

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