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IT, Software & Hardware
Class room
Beginner/Entry level

Course Overview

Our Training program offers various Information Technology courses with a focus on developing Business Professionals, Software Programmers, Quality Assurance Engineers, Database Administrators and Unix/Linux System Administrators.

Our instructors are IT professionals who possess expert knowledge, practical experience and the ability to communicate their knowledge and skills effectively.

They work full-time for high-tech companies, R&D Labs and another real world environment where they apply the technologies and competencies that they teach in our classrooms.

Dedication to Information Technology training makes us stay 100% focused on achieving your training goals

Our goal is to ensure each participant leaves our training program acquiring the necessary skill and confidence to deliver the support you need as well as with an understanding of how your specific applications are important to achieve success in business.

Course Description

  • Introduction to computer:
  • Memory:
  • Processor types and specifications:
  • Storage devices:
  • Motherboard architecture:
  • BIOS and installation:
  • Networking fundamentals:


Topics Covered

    Introduction to computer:
    • Get to know more about the history of computer
    • Overview of block diagram or PC
    • Types of computer basis and more

    • Various types of memory used
    • Modules for memories and their relevant specifications

    Processor types and specifications:
    • Buses along with different forms of types
    • Overclocking and speed rating
    • Physical processor packaging and more
    • Generation of available processors and comparison

    Storage devices:
    • Hard disk storage device
    • Floppy disk storage values
    • Optical storage areas

    Motherboard architecture:
    • Different forms of components along with its functions
    • Form factors
    • Functions associated with chipsets

    BIOS and installation:
    • Specifications associated with CMOS setup
    • Basis of BIOS
    • Installation of windows

    Networking fundamentals:
    • More about certain topologies
    • Various forms of networking
    • Devices
    • Media and cabling

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