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Ecorptrainings & Services (ECT) is incorporated in India. Since inception ECT has a strong focus on the trainings in latest IT Technologies to serve IT Industries.Having gained proven expertise in various Business and versatile technology areas,ECT has assisted companies for better business performance by implementing the industry best practices being followed all over the world.

ECT is specialized in providing Corporate & Online trainings, IT Consulting, HR Consulting (Recruitment & outsourcing) using industry best practices that helps companies to translate and leverage their strategic business initiatives into tangible benefits. ECT has infinite strength to provide innovative and flexible delivery models (on-site and offshore). ECT has unique blend of professional strength assisting IT Industries , Oil and Gas Sector, Government organizations, Pharmaceuticals, Health Care, Manufacturing and Trading, Financial institutions and Service industry to achieve their business goals.

Course Description

IBM mainframes are large computer systems produced by IBM from 1952 to the present. During the 1960s and 1970s, the term mainframe computer was almost synonymous with IBM products due to their marketshare. Current mainframes in IBM's line of business computers are developments of the basic design of the IBM System/360.

Topics Covered


    • Features of COBOL
    • COBOL Programming Syntax
    • COBOL Data Structures
    • COBOL Statements
    • File Processing in COBOL
    • COBOL Subroutines
    • Report Generation in COBOL
    • Job Control Language (JCL)
    • Introduction to JCL
    • Various fields in JCL Statements
    • JOB Statements
    • EXEC Statements
    • DD Statements
    • Job Processing Overview
    • Program Execution

    Customer Information and Control System (CICS):

    • CICS Introduction
    • Application Programming
    • Basic Mapping Support
    • Data Access
    • Program, Interval and Task Control Commands
    • Error and Exception Handling
    • Testing and Debugging
    • Storage & Queuing Function

    Mainframe DB2:

    • Introduction to Database
    • Data Management and DCL
    • DDL & DML
    • Catalog & Utilities
    • Application Programming
    • CICS Interface

    IBM Utilities:

    • Overview of IBM Utilities
    • Main Types of Dataset Utilities
    • IDCAMS
    • IEFBR14
    • SORT
    • IKJEFT01
    • Virtual Storage Access Method (VSAM)

    Z O/S:

    • Introduction to Mainframe Operating System
    • Input Output Processing
    • Storage Management
    • Job Management
    • Data Management
    • Job Execution - JCL

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