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Course Overview

APEC, pioneers in IT training, has been established in 1997 to provide a matchless range of high quality IT training for individuals, students and organizations to achieve their dream IT destinations. Our primary objective is to offer superior IT training services thus bridging the gap between the requirements in various organizations and the career aspirations of individuals/professionals. APEC, one among the Best programming languages institutes, with deep domain expertise and professional insight, offer professional IT training services with world-class infrastructure and technology. We have vast experience in providing customized IT training in various technologies. We provide intensive training to students through our expert team of qualified trainers, who are professionals in their specific fields, to keep them at the forefront of the IT job market.

We strive for excellence in every aspect of learning. We seek to develop new learning opportunities for the people to meet the diverse challenges in ever-changing IT world. We offer courses that are practical and relevant to the actual trends in the IT industry. Our courses give students the convenience of learning from home, workplace or any suitable location without having to travel or relocate elsewhere.

Being into Training and Development for about 14 years, APEC has evolved a variety of training modules in the verticals of Programming languages, Web designing, Multimedia and Animation, Hardware, Networking, Datawarehousing technologies, ERPs, CRMs, Testing Tools etc. We train on almost all products of Microsoft, Sue n Microsystems, Oracle, IBM, SAP, Siebel, CISCO, Adobe, Autodesk etc. Our courses are offered with attractive, flexible and latest course structure, covering the advanced and most widely used topics worldwide.

Course Description

Microsoft Office is the world’s most popular productivity suite made by Microsoft, as a collection of computer programs for home users and business users. From administrative assistant jobs requiring a strong knowledge of Word to project management positions demanding strong Excel ability, Apec training yields real benefits in the workplace.

  • Create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations that capture your ideas
  • Master routine word processing tasks
  • Easily format information in Excel with tools and auto-complete data
  • Easily incorporate content from PDFs and create Word documents
  • Make attention-grabbing presentations that relay information with style and flair
  • Design customized marketng materials that fit your brand and customers


Topics Covered

    Word Processor, MS Word:

    • Introduction to Word
    • File – Open, Save, Close
    • Formatting text
    • Formatting Paragraphs
    • Page Setup, Page Layout
    • Print Setup
    • Paragraph/Character Styles
    • Bullets & Numbering
    • Borders & Shading
    • Footnotes and End notes
    • Headers and Footers
    • Page numbers, Date & Time
    • Proofreading a document
    • Checking Spelling & Grammar
    • Find & Replace
    • Drawing Shapes
    • Adding Pictures/Word Art
    • Mail merge – Letters, Labels
    • Macros – Recording, Execution
    • Tables – Drawing, Formatting
    • Hyperlink, OLE
    • Previewing & Printing Documents

    Electronic Spreadsheet, MS Excel:

    • Introduction to Excel
    • Entering & Formatting Titles
    • Worksheet calculations
    • Formatting Rows/Columns
    • Hiding Columns/Rows/Sheets
    • Cell Referencing
    • Cell Formatting, Cell Styles
    • Conditional Formatting
    • Format as Table
    • Number Series, Fill Handle
    • Adding Formulas
    • Formula bar, Status bar
    • Math Functions
    • Text Functions
    • Date& Time Functions
    • IF function
    • Adding Pictures/Shapes/Word Art
    • Page Layout, Print setup
    • Creating Graphs/Charts
    • Data Sort, Filter
    • Data Validation
    • Macros – Recording, Execution
    • Adding Header & Footer
    • Workbook Views, Freeze panes
    • Create Payrolls/Tables
    • Create Financial statements

    Advanced MS Excel:

    • Adding Smart Art objects
    • Align objects, Themes
    • Absolute Cell Referencing
    • Insert Page breaks
    • Paste Links, Paste Special
    • Working with Comments
    • Advanced Functions
    • VLookup, HLookup
    • SumIF, CountIF, CountBlank
    • Index, Match, Transpose
    • Find, Search
    • Replace, Substitute
    • Naming Range
    • Using Name box, Name Manager
    • Enhancing Chart Titles
    • Changing colors of Data bars
    • Rotating Charts
    • Filter – Text, Number, Date, Color
    • Advanced filter, Custom List
    • Text to Columns
    • Data Consolidation
    • Pivot table, Data SubtotalM
    • What-if Analysis
    • Scenarios, Scenario Manager
    • Goal Seek, Data Table
    • Formula Auditing
    • Protect Workbook/Sheet
    • Share Workbook
    • Save Workspace
    • Export Excel tables to Word
    • Excel Options

    Presentation Package, MS PowerPoint:

    • Introduction to Powerpoint
    • Design Slides
    • Create Presentation
    • Custom Animation
    • Custom Transition
    • Background, Color and Fonts
    • Rehearse timings
    • Adding Graphics, Media Clips (eg. Video, Audio)
    • Using Slide Master
    • Reviewing the Slide show
    • Delivering the Presentation

    RDBMS, MS Access:

    • Introduction to Access
    • Database, DBMS, RDBMS
    • Create Tables in Design view
    • Create Tables using Wizard
    • Adding Records
    • Create Queries
    • Types of Queries
    • Select
    • Make table
    • Update
    • Append
    • Delete
    • Create Forms with UI controls
    • Generate Reports (Report Wizard)
    • Custom Reports

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