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Course Description

Microsoft says that SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) “is a platform for building high performance data integration solutions, including extraction, transformation, and load (ETL) packages for data warehousing.” A simpler way to think of SSIS is that it's the solution for automating data movements. SSIS provides a way to build packages made up of tasks that can move data around from place to place and alter it on the way.

Though SSIS is almost infinitely customizable, Microsoft has produced a simple wizard to handle some of the most common ETL tasks: importing data to or exporting data from a SQL Server database. The Import and Export Wizard protects you from the complexity of SSIS while allowing you to move data between any of these data sources

Microsoft has come up with its own reporting service, in conjuction with SQL server database to introduce the Microsoft SQL Server Reporting services[SSRS]. It provides projects of type Business Intelligence Project thus enabling not only large companies but also medium-sized and small companies also to earn from its benefits. This aids in better business decisions too.

Topics Covered

    • To understand MSBI application development Lifecycle.
    • To understand basic Data Warehousing Concepts
    • To understand the Concept of OLTP and OLAP
    • To Use SSDT (SQL Server Data Tools) in detail for development of SSIS packages.
    • To learn SSIS Architecture, Components of SSIS.
    • To gain complete understanding of different control flow tasks, containers and precedence constraints.
    • To gain complete understanding of wide variety of data flow Sources, Transformations and Destinations.
    • To learn to work with variables, data types, functions, expressions and parameters and providing Dynamism in SSIS
    • To develop packages using different tasks and different Transformations based on real time requirements.
    • To learn working with event handler, Logging, Configuration Files.
    • To learn Error Handling and Debugging in SSIS.
    • To learn package deployment and project deployment.
    • To gain understanding of Security and Package management

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