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IT, Software & Hardware
Class room
Beginner/Entry level

Course Overview

The company is promoted and led by a team of professionals. The company offers MNC environment and infrastructure student's benefits the facilities of working in real time environment. Our trainers are specially recruited from IT majors. Our course curriculum also contains training for interview handling techniques and exclusive seminars on industry oriented awareness programs by domain experts. The availability of this resource along with extreme cost-effective nature of our flexible training module should give your company a cutting edge.

For the corporates, it is a mix of software packages and platforms, ranging from the low-end to the high end. And for an equally varied clientele, that include medium and large, private as well as public enterprises and software development companies.

Course Description

  • Module : Introduction to PHP
  • Module : Temporary Storage
  • Module : Introduction to Oracle™ MySQL
  • Module : Introduction to AJAX
  • Model : Oops in php,
  • Model  : One php real time project


Topics Covered

    Module 1: Introduction to PHP:

    • Requirements / Installation
    • The Request / Response Model
    • HTML as a Medium
    • Objects and Variables
    • Using Functions
    • Using Arrays and Loops
    • Using Posted Data
    • Conditionals

    Module 2: Temporary Storage:

    • Understanding Cookies
    • Understanding Sessions
    • Persisting User Data Sitewide

    Module 3: Introduction to Oracle™ MySQL:

    • Understanding Tables and Rows
    • MySQL Data Types
    • Designing Tables with PHPMyAdmin
    • Querying the Database for Information
    • Displaying MySQL Results with PHP
    • Creating a Simple Log In
    • Understanding Relational Database Design
    • Associating User Preferences with a User



    Module 4: Introduction to AJAX

    • Synchronous vs Asynchronous
    • JavaScript Essentials
    • Creating an AJAX Interface
    • Going Asynchronous

    Model 5: Oops in php,

    • mvc architecture
    • understanding cms,and frameworks
    • diff between php4 and php5 projects

    Model 6 : One php real time project


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