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3 months

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SAP Business Objects also known as BO and BOBI is the most innovative Business Intelligence suite of applications that allows business users to Sort, View and Analyze the BI data. SAP BO offers complete and most advanced solutions for Reporting, Business Planning, Performance Management, Business Consolidation, Data Visualization, Query and Analysis and Enterprise Information Management.

Topics Covered


    • Introduction to BO and SAP BO
    • Introduction to Reports and need of┬áreports in real time Business
    • SAP BO Architecture
    • SAP BO Tools and Plug-Ins.
      • Business Objects Enterprise Central Management Console(CMC)
      • Business Objects Enterprise Java Info View
      • Universe Designer
      • Web Intelligence
      • Desktop Intelligence
      • XCelsius -Dashboard
      • Query As A Web Service
      • Live Office
      • Web Rich Client
      • Report Conversion Tool
      • Publishing Wizard
      • Import Wizard

    Business Objects Enterprise Central Management Console(CMC)

    • Creating Users,
    • Groups and
    • Folders
    • Roles Assignment to the users and Groups on Applications
    • Scheduling a report
    • Access Level /Application Level Security
    • User/Group/Folder Security
    • Connection Level Security
    • ┬áProfile creation
    • Calendar creation
    • Event creation


    • Non-Sap
      • Creating Connections
      • Defining Pearameters
      • Assigning properties for Universe
      • Inserting tables into universe
      • Creating different type of joins/Detecting cardinalities
      • Creating Classes
      • Creating objects / Complex objects
      • Detecting loops/Resolving loops
      • Creating Contexts
      • Creating Alias
      • Detecting Traps/Resolving Traps
      • Creating Derived tables
      • Exporting Universe
      • Importing Universe
      • Defining Hierarchies
      • Creating Cascading List of values
      • Using List of values
      • Integrity check
      • Creating Conditions
      • Using @Aggregate awareness
      • Manage Security
    • Sap Universe
      • Overview of SAP BI-BO Integration.
      • Universe for SAP BI Info Cubes
      • Universe for SAP Bi BEX Query

    Web Intelligence Documents/Reports

    • Introduction to web intelligence
    • Report Creation
    • Understanding how universes allow you to query database using everyday business terms
    • Understanding WebIntelligence core functionalities
    • Viewing a Web Intelligence document in Info View
    • Building a simple query
    • Modifying a document query
    • Working with query properties
    • Restricting data with query filters
    • Applying a single-value query filter
    • Using prompts to restrict data in the query
    • Using complex filters
    • Working in the Report Panel
    • Variables and Formulas
    • Displaying data in tables and charts
    • Using breaks and cross tabs
    • Formatting break,calculations, and report filters
    • Using default and custom sorts
    • Ranking data to see top or bottom values
    • Using alerter to highlight information
    • Preparing document for PDFs, PPTs Word and print
    • Organizing a report into sections
    • Preparing document for PDF and print
    • Report Document Properties
    • Publishing the report

    Desktop Intelligence Documents/Reports

    • Report on Universe
    • Report on Personal Data Text Files
    • Report on XML Data File
    • Scope of Analysis
    • Slice and Dice Concepts
    • Global Filters and Table Filters
    • Chart and Table Report format

    Web Rich Client

    • Types of Sources
    • Same functions as Web Intelligence Documents/Reports

    XCelsius Dash Boards

    • Introduction to Dashboards
    • Static Dash Boards
    • Importing excel sheet data into Dashboard
    • Charts like Line, Pie,Column, Bar, Staggered
    • Ticker and Gauge combination
    • Slider and Dials combination
    • List box and with different charts
    • Filters and with different charts.
    • Combinations of Check box, Radio Buttons
    • Panel containers and tab sets.
    • Dynamic Visibility of Components
    • Dashboards by using SAP Dashboards

    Query as a Web Service

    • Usage of Query as web service
    • Configure and generating URL for QAWS
    • Viewing the Universe and Webi reports using web service

    Live Office

    • Introduction to Live Office Connections
    • Live office Connections Crystal Reports.
    • Live office Connections on Web Intelligence Documents
    • Live office Connections on new queries Extracting data in XCelsius using Live Office

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