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Course Summary

IT, Software & Hardware
Beginner/Entry level

Course Overview

United Global Soft mission is to be a global leader in providing Web Designing, Software Development, CMS, Mobile Apps, SEO, Creative, Bulksms , Training , Consulting and lot more other services in IT industry to most of the clients than any other company. 
Our vision is focused towards the quality assurance of the products and services we deliver.
Success is a journey, not a destination. We Seek to increase what we have - wealth, skills, Influence and our client’s base with business.

Course Description

  • Visual Basic Overview
  • Visual Basic: The Language:
  • Modules in Visual Basic:
  • Developing Windows Applications
  • MDI Forms
  • Application Development
  • File Processing
  • Database Management in VB 6.0
  • DAO & RDO
  • Active X Data Object
  • Data Tools & Reports
  • Advanced Active X Controls
  • Building Active X Components
  • Building Active X Controls
  • Package and deployment

Topics Covered

    Visual Basic Overview:

    • Why Visual Basic?
    • Version History
    • Visual Basic IDE
    • Event driven programming
    • Windows Applications

    Visual Basic: The Language:

    • Variables and data types
    • Scope of Variables
    • Constants
    • Arrays
    • Dynamics Arrays
    • Control Structures
    • Sub Procedures
    • Sub Procedures
    • Functional procedures
    • Event Procedures

    Modules in Visual Basic:

    • Introduction to Modules
    • Standard Modules
    • Form Modules
    • Class Modules

    Developing Windows Applications:

    • Forms
    • Standard Controls
    • Properties and methods
    • Events
    • Data Validations

    MDI Forms:

    • The basics of MDI forms
    • Accessing child forms
    • Working with Menus
    • Designing pop-up menus
    • Windows List

    Application Development:

    • Application Designing
    • Code Basics
    • Debugging the Application
    • Error handling
    • Creating Applications EXE

    File Processing:

    • File I/O
    • File System controls
    • Command Dialog Control
    • Working with files

    Database Management in VB 6.0:

    • Introduction to data access technologies
    • DAO Model
    • RDO Model
    • ADO Model
    • SQL Element

    DAO & RDO:

    • Data Control
    • Accessing Database
    • Remote Data Control
    • ODBC Drivers

    Active X Data Object:

    • What is active X data object?
    • ADO Object Model
    • ADODB Control
    • Connection Object
    • Command Object
    • Record set Object

    Data Tools & Reports:

    • Visual Data Manger
    • Data View window
    • Data Environment
    • Data Reports
    • Data Reports Designer
    • Exporting Data Reports

    Advanced Active X Controls:

    • Common Dialog Control
    • Tree View
    • List View
    • Image List
    • Tool Bar
    • Status Bar

    Building Active X Components:

    • What is COM?
    • Development Active X Components
    • Accessing Active X DLLs from other Applications
    • Registering Active X DLLs
    • Active X DLL Vs Active X EXE

    Building Active X Controls:

    • Designing Generic Controls
    • Adding user defined properties
    • Building OCX Files
    • Using Active X Controls in Standard EXE Projects

    Package and deployment:

    • What is Deployment?
    • How to package the application?
    • Creating setup files?
    • Installing /Uninstalling VB applications on client machine

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