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How to Crack a Walk-in Interview

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Introduction A walk-in interview is a situation where a person can attend an interview without a prior appointment. Usually a walk in interview is conducted to hire candidates in large numbers or when the employer is desperate, to hire talented people immediately. Tips for a successful walk-in A walk in interview

Types of Recruitment

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Introduction Recruitment is the process of locating and hiring suitable candidates from within the organization or externally, to fill the positions. The process involves searching, screening, interviewing and selecting the right candidates for the desired roles. Two types of recruitment: The different sources of recruitment are classified into 2

Get ready for a Group Discussion

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Introduction A Group discussion is a group of participants made to discuss on a topic or a subject for a limited time and are assessed accordingly. Companies usually use Group Discussions as a means of screening the candidates and to evaluate the candidates’ performance criteria. A Group Discussion is

Things Not To Be Listed On Your Resume

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Your resume is a gateway to your dream job. A simple document decides your eligibility for the job that you apply to. Though you take utmost care to frame your resume, most recruiters glance at it for about 8-10 seconds and decide whether you are worth considering for the

Impact of Budget – 2017 Income Tax cut on Employees

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The budget of 2017 which was released lately is more reasonable for employees drawing an income for up to 50 lakhs. It was a great relief for people earning up to 50 lakhs. KEY POINTS: Let us look at the key points in detail. 5% tax (instead of current

What your Body Language says about you?

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Body Language is the means of expressing oneself with posture, facial expression, eye-contact, gestures and head motions. Your body language can break or even make an interview. It depends on how you look, how you portray your confidence, your firm hand shake that represents your personality and the formal

Mistakes You Might Be Making While Searching for a job

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Importance of a job: Our careers / jobs are very vital to survive in today’s modern society. A job provides us with a purpose, challenge and of course financial stability. It earns us dignity, self-respect and self-satisfaction. Though landing on a perfect job sounds awesome, it requires extensive exploring,

LinkedIn Mistakes that effect Your Job Search

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In today’s modern society, social media plays an active role in the job search for both employee and employer. Social websites like face book, Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn and google+ allow employers to research about you even before they meet in person. The same can be said about the employee

How to Successfully Use Social Media to Get a Job

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Rise of Social Media Bygone are the days of the hard copies of newspapers, as the web world gained popularity with building of websites. Gradually the social media has become a partner in corporate offices in order to develop their presence. This has provided a platform to exhibit the

What’s the Value of a College Degree?

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Competition in today’s job market demands for more and more advanced technical skill sets and qualifications along with a proper degree in hand. Is it worth while to have a Degree? If you have to choose between a job and obtaining a degree, one has to decide whether it