How to choose between Startup and MNC?

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With lots of startups emerging these days, job seekers face a confusing state, where they need to choose between an MNC or a startup. Everyone looks out for better credibility and job security now-a-days. However, the confusion persists when it comes to opt for one.


With time and experience, the once startups, have evolved into something renowned and incredible, as MNC’s, with lots of resources and projects. Talented and skilled people with better ideas started their own companies and bloomed over time.

Distinction between MNC and Startups

Let us look at the differences between large multinational companies and startup companies.

  • Most big MNC’s are service based while startups are product based.
  • In MNC’s, different departments span in large dimensions with workflow being scattered among different people. While in Startups, there are small teams to work on a product or an industry and provide services to their clients.
  • Startups have free culture, no dress codes, etc. while MNC’s require proper dress codes and formal meetings.
  • Big MNC’s call for office politics, bossy environment, no transparency and less hikes, long wait for promotions etc. while the startups have certain positive traits.
  • Startups are mostly riskier and have greater chances of failing due to lack of vision, culture, bad leadership, no proper funding or a bad team, where as MNC’s are structured with quite the opposite.
  • Being in a startup will give you a chance to make a huge impact and the company will benefit from it recognizing your abilities. In MNC’s you are expected to perform your responsibilities with less chances of recognition.
  • Startup’s are a great place to grow while big companies expect you to be good at what you do.
  • Startups have more transparency than big companies. All the insides are known along with business plans, changes, competitors which prepare you for your own startup. MNC’s do not have such transparency.
  • Startups let you play many roles while MNC jobs are routine.


Look for what’s important to you. Decide what motivates you, things you want to accomplish and where you want to see yourself in future. Find some insights on the companies that you would like to join like reviews, pay, work environment and learning curves.

It doesn’t matter which firm you choose, gain two-three years of experience, learn a lot of new skills, work hard and move on.


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