How to Crack a Walk-in Interview

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walk-in interview is a situation where a person can attend an interview without a prior appointment. Usually a walk in interview is conducted to hire candidates in large numbers or when the employer is desperate, to hire talented people immediately.

How to crack a walk-in Interview

Tips for a successful walk-in

A walk in interview is an open call for every eligible candidate to attend the interview. Following are some of the tips that can help a candidate in successfully performing a walk-in interview.

  • Prepare yourself ahead which will help you to stay relaxed and answer with confidence.
  • Practice on your own, with some of the commonly asked questions.
  • Carry your updated resume to the interview.
  • Screen all the other certificates and documents and place it in order.
  • Research about the company through internet or brochures or social media.
  • Dress formally.
  • Act professional and stay simple.
  • Be early for the interview. Most walk-ins are conducted on a ‘First come first serve basis’.
  • Don’t be nervous about the crowd.
  • Wait for your turn. Do not speak negatively or complain about the flaws in the waiting area.
  • Be polite. Act pleasingly while talking and keep smiling.
  • Make them believe that you are independent, flexible and patient.
  • Do not interfere when the interviewer is talking. Wait till he/she is finished.
  • Do not speak irrelevantly and do not deviate from the topic.
  • Maintain eye contact but do not stare.
  • Ask questions only when you are given an opportunity to ask.
  • Thank the interviewer before leaving and leave with confidence.

How to crack a walk-in Interview

Advantages of Walk-in interviews: Some of the advantages of walk-in interviews are as follows.

  • Since both the interviewer and the candidate are physically present, there is no scope of any misunderstanding.
  • It is quick and easy to analyze the candidates and learn a lot about the candidate’s behavior, attitude and personality.
  • The candidate can present his best behavior and impress the recruiters within a short span of time.
  • They are often simple, quick, prompt and costs less, compared to the traditional interviews.
  • Candidates can receive an immediate offer and are often required to join immediately.

Disadvantages of Walk-in interviews: There are some limitations of the walk-in interviews which are as follows.

  • It is hard to evaluate the candidacy of suitable candidates within a short interval. Further rounds might be needed to select the candidate.
  • It might be difficult to pay attention towards the details of each candidate as there would be no proper pre-screening.
  • There is a possibility of favourism towards some candidates.
  • There is often a long line of candidates for walk-in interviews waiting anxiously.
  • Positions can be temporary or for a short-term.
  • Walk-in interviews are generally for freshets’ or entry-level candidates.


Walk-in interviews are a good start for freshets and candidates who are not employed currently, where these kind of opportunities help, to gain experience and also get employed immediately, if selected.


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