How to Research about a Company?

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Got an interview?  Or

Just want to research on a company? Let’s see how.

Showcasing company information to some extent in an interview will undoubtedly place you in a good position of being considered. Looking for employers will give you an idea of the category of industries and the choice of fields that you have.

Research about a Company

It’s good to track information on which companies are hiring and the positions that they are filling. Being well prepared about the company, its products, policies and culture will not only put you in the employer’s shortlist, but only increases your chance into a productive role.

Following certain tips on how to research about a company will make your work easy and fetch you that dream job that you have been waiting for.

  • Focus on your area of interest

Research on the needs of the organization that you intend to join and build your professional network with employees of that organization. Find out what area of expertise are they looking to hire for.

  • Dig deeper

Find relevant information about the company’s products, financial stability, services and see if you can fit in. Check websites that display news, articles, webinars etc. about postings.

  • Use your connections

Use some inside connections to learn about their current and future products/services. You could ask for advice and assistance with your career related queries.

Research about a Company

  • Use directories

Search online by business name, category or by location to figure out any contact information and use it make connections.

Apart from following these tips you could also research on a few other things before you want to ace that interview.

  • Understand the role requirements and figure out if the job description, fits with your career and allows you to develop new skills.
  • Find out about the technical skills and personal attributes that your ideal company is looking for.
  • Use social networks to share information and connect with industry professionals.
  • Also look at the company ratings and reviews on how the employees feel about working there.


Spending a little extra time to research about a company gives you a clear advantage of where you want to be and what kind of positions you are looking out for. Knowing certain facts about the company before your interview can make a lot of difference. It makes you ready for the question “What do you know about our company?” And since you have a good idea on this ahead, you are sure to nail it.

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