How to Stand out in a Competitive Job Market

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Just being qualified will not get you a job in today’s competitive job market. Employers are saturated with enormous number of applications from qualified candidates. Unless you are distinct from others, you cannot get the recruiters’ attention.

There are certain tools and key strategies that help you, stand out from the rest of the jobseekers and clearly communicate your value to the prospective employers.

How to Stand out in a Competitive Job Market

If you are a fresher looking to stand out in a competitive job market, here are a few tips you need to follow

Create your online brand – You can create your own personal brand by registering a web domain to blog about the industry you would like to get into, discuss about the news and trends that interest you, talk about your achievements, your responsibilities in each task assigned to you in your previous employment. This is an excellent way to convey your skills and capabilities.

Mock Interview – A mock interview is an excellent way to practice your skills as you can pick on personal mistakes and rectify them, before you appear for your real interview. Prepare your own version of answers to a few commonly asked questions and do a role-play of an interview. You can identify your mistakes and correct them or record your mock interview and watch it to evaluate your performance.

Showcase your achievements specifically – During your interview, presenting your skills and accomplishments isn’t enough to make you stand out. Showing how you contributed to the increase in sales or providing information on how your work led to the success of the project helps in making you apart from the rest.

Use unconventional resume strategies – If your regular resume isn’t fetching any responses, make your resume stand out by trying different unconventional methods. Be creative in your own way and come up with ideas that set you apart from the rest. You can use infographics in your resume, to highlight your achievements or tenure with specific skills or relevant work history with a company etc. Make your resume look stunning in accordance with your industry.

Come up with new ideas – Do a thorough analysis on the company you would like to work with, and turn up with new ideas about a product or perhaps a different strategical approach. Even a simple idea can be important to the company. So it is always a good idea to send your thoughts to the company.

Use LinkedIn – LinkedIn is a great way to post your views and participate in discussions. Contributing to LinkedIn discussions of specific industry groups you’re interested in, and using these discussions to post industry trends or topics is a great way to demonstrate your knowledge or to build an amazing network. Doing so will definitely put you ahead.

As most of the LinkedIn users are solid professionals, be conscious on how you answer the questions. Though it’s a good approach to express your views, you should not address it like a specialist. Always keep your answers relevant enough to your experience.

Expand your network – In today’s digital world, it is essential to be compatible with professionals online before meeting up with them. LinkedIn can be used to its fullest potential in this matter.

How to Stand out in a Competitive Job Market

Market yourself like a campaign – Locating people who can offer or lead you to opportunities and seeking them out is one of best proven marketing strategy. Notifying them again and again about what you are capable of, in person / in writing / on the phone / via email can beat the odds and lead you towards your goal.

Networking and referral-building approach is very effective as it will render you with many contacts, referrals, and leads. Contacting prospective employers is also more likely to drive you towards a job. Recruitment and Headhunting agencies might also give you contacts and leads, while searching through specialized listings also pays off in achieving what you are looking for.


With an overwhelming competition for jobs in the current market, and recruiters watching their hiring expenses, it is indeed a tough mission to land on your dream job. Finding ways to stand out and demonstrate what you can do, may compel you to go beyond the normal search. The given steps can guide you to build yourself a brand, make your own marketing strategies and keep you in the forefront.

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