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Anti- Spam & Concealment Policy-Perfect Profile

We consider the joiners/ users of the job portal are the extensively operated individuals. Herein the organization in total are entitled to introduce the anti-spam policy to protect from the web threat.

All the regulations stated in this policy are absolutely applicable to the users registered for the perusal of their search in the portal established. It is mandatory to follow the terms in order to reduce the percentage of spam/ hacking of the accounts registered in the portal.

The trust factor imposed in utilizing the portal by the users would reflect with the overwhelming additions of the users. The database associated with Perfect is truly updated which shall not be mis-utilized or prone to spam at any point of time by the users/ recruiters/ jobseekers.

It is further validated that if any discrepancies crop up while operating the web portal shall be brought under the notice of the management and the changes are initiated in the interest of the individuals. The changes can take place with subsequent period of time. The database maintenance of the portal should not be spammed by the user utilizing the In-case of repetition of the same/ similar mails will be considered as SPAM.

Any violation of the services by the registered user/ employer without the knowledge of the operators. The company has got every right to suspend the subscription / barred the services without any prior information. They are subjected to be under the clutches of the penalty or the amounts paid by them.

NENI Recruitment Solution PVT LTD agrees to provide the service to the subscriber only for the duration and the number of vacancies contracted for, to the best of its ability the company will be in no way be held answerable for any information received by the subscriber it is sole duty of the subscriber to check, authenticate and verify the information/response received at its own cost and expense.

The user shall not upload, post, transmit, publish, or distribute any material or information that is unlawful, or which may potentially be perceived as being harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, libelous, vulgar, obscene, or racially, ethnically, or otherwise objectionable.

The enabled user after the registration in the portal of NENI Recruitment Solution PVT LTD should validate the fed information viewing to the public must be genuine /correct and complete by all means. It should not contain any kind of false/ pseudo data which is inserted / distorted, manipulated, fraudulent or misleading facts or averments otherwise will object the account immediately.

The registered user is solely responsible in protecting the user id/password along with all the online/offline transactions including the payments through payable cards and the company is not responsible in usage of the card information. The user holds the accountability in procuring the costs / licenses /permits/consents in connection with portal. Payments to recruiters are not advised and shall be at your own risk.

NENI Recruitment Solution PVT LTD. immediately disclaims any liability towards the data which is inserted into the network by the user. The user is also liable for the loss incurred by the company if any fraudulent/ mis-appropriate/any false, distorted, manipulated, defamatory, libelous, vulgar, obscene, fraudulent or misleading facts or otherwise objectionable averments made by the user to the official network.

The user/visitor utilizing and viewing the is affiliated is supportive to abide the guidelines and principles according to IT (or) Information Technology Act 2000 at each juncture. The notifications/ alerts popping up during the practice / assessing / insertion of data into the electronic devices/computer of Neni Recruitment solution Pvt Ltd. If any injustice in abiding against the rules / norms will be subjected to severe inadequacies and is liable for facing the civil and criminal charge laid under the court of law/ legal compliance with the said time.

The User / subscriber / visitor to or affiliated site(s) is prohibited from uploading, posting, transmitting, updating or sharing: any information that: Theft of unknown individual, encouraging unethical/harmful acts, trespassing any copyrights, violating the law in force, online offenders through communication, threats by viruses and decoding the functionality, misleading in groping content or insulting any nation will be prosecuted.

The user should ensure safety regarding conservation of privacy setting options in restricting the access to strangers. In case of disturbances the company will not be accountable for any loss of data. Still if found malignant the access will be blocked specifically. It is the restraint of Job Seekers to verify the accuracy and legitimacy of the claims made by recruiters. We simply act as mediators, not as agents for any recruiter.

Disclaimer of Warranties and Liability implies all the content placed in the website is only for general information and use. It does not indicate any advice/suggestion/query/reply. The information is subjected to all the warranties/ licenses purpose. Servers maintained by third parties over whom NENI Recruitment Solution PVT LTD has no connection internally except for external practice.

The concept of promotion belonging to NENI Recruitment Solution PVT LTD is applicable only when the material is submitted by third parties. Restoring of the data being a part of the site complies with PERFECT PROFILE is liable for International and National law is exclusively on the advertisers and not on NENI Recruitment solution Pvt Ltd.

NENI Recruitment Solution PVT LTD reserves the right to overlook, suspend or change the position of any advertising material submitted for insertion. Acceptance of advertisements for the Site will focus on the terms and conditions of NENI Recruitment Solution PVT LTD which are available on request. The company shall not have liability to you for any interruption or delay in access to the Site irrespective of the cause.

The Agreement shall be governed by the Laws of India. All disputes are subjected to come under courts of Hyderabad Jurisdiction only.