Single Page Profile

What is a CV?

A CV is a document that consists of personal details, professional information and work experience of an individual along with his skill set, education details, certifications, and his social media accounts/ posts. A CV might be lengthy or short depending on the individual’s experience and work history.

What is a One Page CV?

A one-page CV is a single page document that summarizes all the key factors of your resume and highlights the major elements of your professional history.

Advantages of One Page CV

  • A One-page CV is very easy to interpret as it is displayed in a user-readable form.

  • It is very convincing and eye-catching to look at.

  • The One-page CV is precise as it is a shortened version of a full profile and is easy to share on the web.

  • Easy for an employer to scan and grab attention towards the subtle aspects of the profile.

  • A One-page CV is attractive and saves a lot of time for the employer as it reduces the resume screening time.

Your One-Page-CV with PerfectProfile

PerfectProfile provides job seekers an exceptional service by allowing access to generate a One-page CV. We provided this platform where a user can log into his account and enter his details accordingly and click on "One-Page-CV" button to create his own One Page CV.

All the web pages in the portal are easy to follow and have been designed to help the user in the best possible way. Make use of this service and create your own One-page CV that is sure to get you to your dream job.

Remember the goal of any resume is to sell yourself as the perfect fit for the job. A One-page-CV will unquestionably and absolutely put you one step ahead in your job search.