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This web site, www.perfectprofile.net is possessed and functioned by NENI Recruitment Solution PVT L which is an evolving job portal and new entrant into the market that offers products and services not only for the job seekers but also for employers by introducing the realm of job searches tagged with exciting offers based on the services listed as job vacancies.

This is the platform where the users have the opportunity to focus on mutual basis i.e; jobseeker/ employer. The packages are designed as per the convenience of the user buying the package based on requirements. We project certain paid packages in which the recruiters can make use of these packages not only signing up but also subscribing them and get started. The people of this fraternity are required to read and understand T & C before accepting them and they are deemed to accept the conditions for the surplus usage of services.

NENI Recruitment Solution PVT LTD shall not be liable in imbibing inaccurate account information on this web site. The portal services are remain active and it is the sole obligation for the user to research the data on this site. The information found irrelevant and the same is uploaded by the consumer is not entertained in any manner.

The agreement between NENI RECRUITMENT SOLUTION PVT LTD and the subscriber / user is not a "non-poach agreement" nor can be altered in any way .NENI RECRUITMENT SOLUTION PVT LTD / Perfect profile.net is a public site and all information posted by the company reaches to the public domain except information / data which is specifically assigned a non-public / private character.

The payment made during purchase of the plan is not refundable in any manner or it can be adjusted in special cases only (Change of plan within short period after purchase of the product). All decisions are subject to the acceptance of the management. The services provided by the websites are maintained, operated or owned by our company do not act as mediator through any agents or on behalf of any subscriber specifically mentioned on the home page of the portal.

NENI Recruitment Solution PVT Ltd will not be party to any legal proceedings between a user (e.g. a subscriber) and a party contracted through the site. In case our company implicates any legal proceedings, costs will be recovered from the party that mentions the name of the company however will abide with any court order served on with due process.

The service provided by the PerfectProfile.net is charged for Free. The service is meant for individual or non-commercial use. The users does not have right to modify the matter/content in any manner. Our website may be organized with other websites of interest, we do not have any control over other sites and we are not liable in protecting the content which lack privacy measures. For the betterment or hassle –free access the user should check the privacy terms of our company.

The company will not guarantee any confidentiality of information provided by any person acquiring/using all/any information displayed on the Perfectprofile.net website or any of its other websites / domains owned and operated by NENI group. Data selling to third parties is prohibited except permission by law. Users can report to us through communication mail id in case of any incomplete information in website/profile. We will definitely correct it within short span of time.

The T& C stated in the policy validates for regular use. Any violation will lead / shall render to the users (She/He) are liable to face severe action in the court (Civil & Criminal) law.

Perfect Profile for Jobseekers

We provide an online job search and job application avenue to any person who is looking out for a job. We advertise multiple of vacancies on behalf of the employers and other recruitment agencies, which are searching for professionals or fresher’s with specific skill sets. We also offer other related information like news, career advice, and career development services so that the aspirants and job seekers can stay intact with us to obtain benefits, no matter they belong to a particular Job.


Perfect Profile provides a free access of website for “Basic Profile” job search. To rejoice in surfing the jobs of right choice, we have introduced certain paid services which supports the user for his /her good start of career. We have reasonably distinguished packages keeping in mind about the levels of experience.

The user has been given various options in selecting the plan such that the scope of obtaining job increases. We have Resume writing services, Profile highlighting services and both composed together. Application of the jobs on behalf of the job seeker, by shortlisting the jobs as per the profile with qualification.

As per the subscription of the user agreed upon the T&C wherein accepted unconditionally which has to be followed duly by the candidate:

There lies the liberty to upload the resume of the candidate without any cost. Secondly, our company does not guarantee/warranty that there would any satisfactory response/responses to the inserted data fed by the candidate. Any certifications attached to the profile. Any kind of inconsistencies are not encouraged.

Loss of data /upload of improper data or document/Act of God/ technical faults /corrupted information resulting any fraud / includes hacking/strikes / war/ riots/Govt .policies tampering the data are beyond the company’s control.

In-case if the candidate not reachable to the response from the employer. The company disclaims to hold any liability of act/deed/thing of the candidate. The authenticity should be checked before any response is triggered or data is set into the network system of PerfectProfile.net.

NENI Recruitment Solution PVT LTD has every right to edit the resume/ modify the appearance of resume/discard the resumes from the database without implication of any reason .Limitations in uploading of the resume beyond the limit remains same to the candidates. Multiple accounts with the same name are discarded by the company without any prior notice to the subscriber.

The required time taken to upgrading the data / information/ modifications/ upload of resume will be back into operation only after 24-48 hours.

On registering with “US”. The following terms that agreed are:

a) Resumes in searchable mode will be only after subscription with NENI Recruitment solutions Pvt Ltd. The contacts of the subscribers will be through mail/telephone/post respectively. Privacy Settings must be done properly and not liable of any responses by the candidate.

b) Email job alerts through website. Removal of viewing the job alert through account/ Suspension of the User in prohibiting the promotional mailers/Special Offers by rearranging “Privacy Setting” of resume.

The termination of the agreement with the company will be under stated circumstances:

a) Completion of the term in engaged services of the website.

b) Violation of any terms and conditions of agreement with the company (NENI Recruitment Solution Pvt Ltd) at sole discretion of the company.

c) Mutual parties consideration of terms written in past.

The subscriber alone has the accountability to use the services of PerfectProfile.net from the date of subscription till the time of renewal or any parallel site belonging to net (NENI Recruitment Solution Pvt Ltd) shall deem fit without any extra price. Once the payment of the service is done, the amount can’t be returned/ refunded in any manner.

The initiation/ activation of the account related to the jobseeker will be done only when the amount is paid upfront either from the subscriber / third party (on behalf of the subscriber). The subscription is not transferable. The regular update of the resume can be done by the user without any payment. The liability of NENI Recruitment Solution PVT LTD is limited to the extent of the amount paid by the subscriber. The subscriber must be sure in imbibing the accurate information of the details in resume.

The assignment of the user id and the password will be delivered to the subscriber but then the protection/ remembering of the password will be in the custody of the registered job seeker. Any kind of mis-utilization of the data our company doesn’t take the responsibility. We ensure that we take necessary precautions in not leaking the generated password and it will be purely confidential.

The automated algorithm is placed in the site to match-up to the jobs against the keywords. Attributes submitted in the profile of the jobseeker, No guarantee/warranties exist for the jobs sent through SMS (matching to the profile) also with login details. The details sent through SMS / mails are accepted by the jobseeker once the paid services are initiated. The service will be delivered on the mobile number provided at the time of purchase of the service, and will continue on the new number if changed by the user.

NENI Recruitment Solution PVT LTD will try utmost to and deliver all SMSes however, it does not take any responsibility for those not delivered (which may be on account of phones being out of order, operator network problems, SIM not being used anymore etcetera). It does take the responsibility of the SMSes leaving its vendor SMS gateway. The company reserves the right to regulate number of SMSes sent out to a particular user in a single day.


We endorse ourselves to the market in introducing the portal mainly emphasizing on prevalent recruiters in making insertion of jobs through our portal. We proclaim that the access is reachable to them by the virtue of “Basic Profile Search” which is absolutely free with no extra cost.

The data and paid packages imprinted on this website not only for the betterment of the candidates seeking employment opportunities and openings in corporate entity but also employers in quest of hiring their internal units. The mediums of print and download information from the site for these purposes only and not for other personal or commercial purpose. The data can otherwise be utilized to copy, display, transmit or distribute any material from the portal but not for unauthorized transactions, anything illegal will be deemed to severe action.

Perfect Profile bids most of the announced products on payable mode exclusively for the recruiters. The candidates and recruiters are advised to read, understand the terms and conditions along with privacy policy before accepting them. The amount paid to the company for the usage of the portal cannot be refunded or (otherwise adjusted) in opting for other packages in existence. It shall be at sole choice of Perfect profile to adjust such charge/charges.

Perfect profile {NENI Recruitment solution Pvt Ltd} in fact has designed the refunding procedure in a user understandable manner. The subscriber choosing a premium candidate for filling up the position immediately in their respective corporations, the portal has identified a section where the Perfect profile card is generated to the employer/employers such that there would be successful closure.

Further, the details of the premium candidate will be existent on the dashboard along with certain conditions specified, the subscriber should be alert in looking out for multiple job descriptions that are changing frequently. We cannot guarantee about premium candidate or display of the job for longer time.

The recruiters can avail the packages by selecting on the variants mentioned in the portal of Perfect Profile site along with applying the terms and conditions. We are in liberty to share the job postings from several other job boards or in allied publications.

The display in classified section in Perfect Profile.net is deemed to be thoroughly professional, will be reflected as per the subscribed plan. Every time when the user tries to refresh, the existing lists allows you to view the details according to the credit system depending upon the plan chosen by the subscriber.

Make sure of having all the licenses/ permits beforehand so that the presence and necessity of the job posting to indemnify against NENI Recruitment Solution Pvt Ltd. all claims, damages arising out of actions/claims that may be made in relation to the same. Similarly, the company is entitled to make necessary changes/ modify/ edit details in order to fit the database.

The information pertaining which is initiated by the subscriber which is displayed by the company on Perfect Profile.net is publicized. NENI Recruitment Solution Pvt Ltd may at sole discretion including the vacancy display in any other social media with no cost and shall not be liable for advertising/ publicity of such information.

NENI Recruitment Solution PVT LTD shall not guarantee/ warranty in fulfilling the satisfaction limits of the individuals after display of the job. Further, not liable for the information gathered by the subscriber .The subscriber alone would check the satisfactory factor received at their own cost and expense. The company does not stand for the any loss / corrupt/ invalid/delay/ failure of technical data which would limit to the clauses that are beyond the company’s control but not limited to strike, riots, civil unrest, Govt. policies, tampering of data by unauthorized persons like hackers, war and natural calamities.

NENI Recruitment Solution PVT LTD will enable the services opted by the subscriber or third party only after paying the amounts/charges depending upon selection of plan / renewal of plan. It is mandatory for the subscriber not to collect extra charge for the response to the jobs promoted in the classified section of PerfectProfile.net. The company has right to modify the view of the website at any time without any notice to the users.

A valid user id and password is generated by NENI Recruitment solutions Pvt Ltd to the subscriber for the usage and also safeguards the granted password. It is the sole responsibility of the subscriber to remember the password, the company doesn’t hold the concern for data loss/theft /wrong/mis-use/damage /leak/ of information and consequential usage of the third party.

The subscriber can avail the only listings mentioned in the plan that they choose and should agree the same. The subscription is neither re-saleable nor transferable by the subscriber to any other person, corporate body, and firm or individual.

NENI Recruitment Solution PVT LTD shall not be liable for any costs, loss or damage (whether direct or indirect), or for loss of revenue, loss of profits or any consequential loss whatsoever as a result of the user using the Service. The corporate entity who are enabled to use the service, if the branches of the same entity wants to use the services then they are likely to pay additional subscription charges separately.

The subscriber can reach/allow to find the events/offers through the access of mobile at any moment. The updates regarding the job can include exciting offers, information, as well as promotions. Thereby they abide with the instructions issued by the company relating to network with any other information and co-operation as the Company may require from time to time.

This service is live in India only. All disputes arising out of the transactions between a user and NENI Recruitment Solution PVT LTD will be resolved in accordance with the laws of India as Perfect profile subjected to the jurisdiction of Courts situate in Hyderabad alone.

If the employer does subscribe for the specified paid plan for official usage of the services of the portal and not satisfied with any of the features. The authorized person/department should approach us within 7 days of the subscription. Upon delay of intimation the subscription for the proposed package will be continued for the specified period of time or till the time of renewal.

The change of subscription will depend upon the decision of the management. Any middle men are not conferred for the change.

The list of holidays for the company begins in from 1st January 2016 to 31st December 2016 of the consecutive year. Of which 22 Days will remain closed subject to the public holidays as listed for festivals/Occasion celebrated throughout the year.

The timings of the office will be from 9.30am to 6.00pm. The business timings would commence at the peak hours/ working hours during the day. To meet the concerned authorities of the management will be prior appointment only.

License to use Customer's name, trademarks and logos:

Employer that agrees to operate Perfect Profile group may list / enter the name, attributes and logo for which the postings are displayed in the website during the requirement. Conditionally the employer will have the reference to fulfill the requirements. This website along with its content has got the copy rights reserved. Any content perished / manipulated / mis-utilized will b taken into notice will be penalized severely.

User Id & Password :

User Id & Passwords will be varied for both jobseeker and employer. The user ids are generated with the respective email ids and not by the name of the jobseeker/ employer. We ensure the confidentiality over the password generation will be unique. We suggest the users / employers registered in the job portal to set a varied password such that there is no scope of hacking.

We deny the access other than the user or unauthorized access which is against the terms and conditions.

The operational move of the portal is launched first from the Hyderabad itself and soon will occupy the other areas in India.


The security is protected against unauthorized access using the latest security devices and 'firewalls'.

The Internet browser supports all the latest and previous versions of the reputed browsing panels. Encountered any problem with the website you can still work on the portal but the image display will be slightly problematic.

Cookies policy :

Cookies are most significant aspect of the website. The cookies are nothing but a small file which discloses the visit of the user or non-user to website. An acute transparency is required in knowing the browsers view of the site.

We follow 2 types of cookies Session & Persistent.


Leaving site or the session gets expired immediately after usage of the portal by the browser. The cookies are deleted after the session.

Permanent/ Persistent: The cookies do present in the site after the usage of the site and are not deleted for longer period of time.

Cookies are various kinds :

1) Necessary:

Cookies are needed in-order to track the visitor to the website and is recorded the visit of particular web page. The non- user / new entrant to the site can be noted which is much useful for our company to know the growth of reach among web users.

2) Performance:

The performance of the browser is been known through visitor interaction. Increment of the additional browsers can also be listed.

3) Functionality:

The settings info of the browser can be known such as photo visibility, document updating, account settings, background changes etc can be identified.

4) Advertising:

the promotional aspects of the site is listed in this section. Remembering of visiting websites, Time of advertisement, can be known through web beacons / pixels/ anonymous ad new tags etc.