Urgent Openings For Embedded Hardware

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Embedded C, Hardware Configuration, Manual Testing, Analog

2 - 4 Years
2- 4 Lakhs
Job Type
3 Openings
Functional Area
IT-Embedded systems
60 %
Job Description

1.Should be able to Independently Design & Develop home automation  hardware and schematic 

2. Experience in PCB Designing and Circuit designing

3. Need good exposure to all the sensors 

4.A good understanding of digital and small signal analog electronics.
5.Ability to read and understand schematics.
6.Ability to effectively use a Volt/Ohm meter and an Oscilloscope.
7.Ability to perform at least basic electronics debugging/troubleshooting.                                              Proficiency in ‘C’ , Embedded ‘C’ and C++ programming languages.                                                           Understanding 8/16/32 bit controllers.
  Knowledge of 8051, AVR, PIC & ARM (LPC2129) Micro Controllers.
 Keil, AVR Studio, MP Lab, Proteus
  Able to work on PCB Design software Eagle, Express PCB
I2C, SPI, USART, CAN Communication Protocols
Analog and Digital Sensors
 Able to work on Raspberry-PI 
 Hardware Design

Roles & Responsibilities

    XBEE based long distance wireless controlling of a robot from the pc or laptop.
   Vehicle tracking using GSM and GPS technology.
   For farmer application, turn on and off your water motor established at your field. Controlling of the motor is possible when you are anywhere using GSM technology.  
  RFID based ATM machine system (that will improve the life time of the ATM card from being scratch).
 Finger print based attendance system for the college and office purpose.
 Flex sensor based robotic hand movement as same as human hand movement.
Led matrix based scrolling message display.                    Touch screen based controlling of the home appliances.  Voice controlled home appliances controlling.
 Electronic voting machine.
  Password based access control system for the security purpose.
Ultrasonic sensor based robot obstacle detection and display the accurate distance of the obstacle.
Human body temperature based automatically door open system.
TV Remote Controlled Home appliances.

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