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Beginner/Entry level

Course Overview

Spiritsofts is a global training institute based at Hyderabad India& California USA. We are the leading training institute for SAP, Oracle Apps, Hyperion and MSBI founded in 2009 by IT professionals. Our aim is to provide best and quality training in the latest IT technologies. All our trainers are real time professionals and have more than 8 years of experience.

SpiritSofts offers online training with flexible and cost effective. Attend classes in online no need to come to my place attend classes at your place anywhere world any time time zone like USA, UK, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, Australia, NZ, UAE….. Also offer training in week days, weekends and fast track which is based on your timings and availability of trainer.

Course Description

  • Introduction to Hyperion Essbase
  • Essbase Application Type
  • Essbase Outline Terminology
  • Dimensions and Dimension Types
  • Attribute Dimension
  • Alias and UDA creation
  • Member properties and Dimension properties
  • Outline building methods
  • Data Loading Process
  • Essbase Calculation Process
  • Dense and Sparse Restructure
  • Essbase Partitions
  • Essbase Optimization Techniques
  • Essbase Maxl or ESSCMD
  •  Essbase Analytics VS Enterprise Analytics
  • Security Implementation
  • Real Time


Topics Covered

    1. Introduction to Hyperion Essbase:

    • What is the requirement of Essbase?
    • History Of Essbase
    • Hyperion Essbase Architecture
    • Hyperion Essbase Versions
    • Hyperion Essbase Clients
    • Essbase Thin Client
    • Essbase Thick Client
    • MaxL or ESSCMD
    • Essbase Interaction Services
    • Essbase Studio

    2. Essbase Application Type:

    • BSO Application
    • Business Requirement of BSO App
    • ASO Application
    • Business Requirement of ASO App

    3. Essbase Outline Terminology:

    • What is Essbase Outline?
    • Data/Meta Data Explanation

    4. Dimensions and Dimension Types:

    • What is Dimension?
    • Standard Dimension
    • Dense Dimension
    • Sparse Dimension
    • Attribute Dimension
    • Account type Dimension
    • Time type Dimension
    • Currency Type Dimension

    5. Attribute Dimension:

    • What is the need of Attribute Dimension?

    6. Alias and UDA creation:

    • What is the requirement of Alias and UDA’s?

    7. Member properties and Dimension properties:

    • Data Storage Properties
    • Consolidation Properties

    8. Outline building methods:

    • Data Load Overview
    • Generation Reference
    • Level Reference
    • Parent/Child Reference

    9. Data Loading Process:

    • Data loading using flat files
    • Data loading using SQL
    • Free Form Loading

    10. Essbase Calculation Process:

    • Aggregation
    • Formulas
    • Calculation Sript
    • Two-Pass Calculation
    • Intelligent Calculation

    11. Dense and Sparse Restructure:

    • Dense Restructure
    • Sparse Restructure

    12. Essbase Partitions:

    • What is the requirement of Partiton?
    • Replicated Partition
    • Transparent Partition
    • Linked Partition

    13. Essbase Optimization Techniques:

    • Outline Optimization
    • Dataload Optimization
    • Calculation Sript Optimization
    • Database Optimization

    14. Essbase Maxl or ESSCMD:

    • How to automate Essbase Application Creation Using MaxL?
    • How to automate Essbase Application Creation Using ESSCMD?

    15. Essbase Analytics VS Enterprise Analytics:

    • BSO Advantages and Disadvantages
    • ASO Advantages and Disadvantages

    16. Security Implementation:

    • Security Type
    • EAS Security
    • Shared Service Security
    • Creation of Users
    • Creation of Groups
    • Creation of Essbase Filters
    • Assigning users to groups
    • Creation of Essbase Filters
    • Assigning filters to groups

    17. Real Time:

    • Real time scenarios
    • Complexities faced in the implementation
    • Support Tickets or Real time Errors
    • Questionnaire
    • CV Preparation

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