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Course Overview

Satya Technologies is established in 1996 and started its services in the field of education. A journey that began as an Educational Academy has transformed over a period of time into software training provider and the training institute has been started in Ameerpet.

Satya Technologies has been doing a great job in keeping abreast with the latest versions, updates in various technologies and current market strategies, strengths, requirements and trends. With this determined attitude of providing best services Satya Technologies ventured into all the latest technologies.

Course Description

  •  Introduction
  • Getting started with XCode 7
  • Swift playground
  • Auto layout
  • Advanced Features
  • Maps
  • Web& Core Data
  • Additionals
  • Bonus chapter

Topics Covered


    1) Introduction to myself , will explain you why you need this course

    2) IOS and its history

    3) Why swift ?

     Getting started with XCode 7:

    1) Download & install XCode 7

    2) Adding Labels to your app

    3) Working with Text inputs

    4) First App :- Cat years

    5) Challenge : Weather app

     Swift playground :

    A very quick introduction

    1) Swift playground

    2) Working with variables

    3) Optionals

    4) Working with Arrays and Dictionaries

    5) App : Finding Primes

    Auto layout :

    A brief introduction

    1) Theory of layout

    2) How to arrange UI elements – a sample

     Advanced Features:

    1) Timers

    2) Navigation & Menu bars

    3) Working with Table views

    4) About NS User Defaults

    5) Controlling the keyboard

    6) Understanding notifications.

    6) App : To do list With Local notifications


    1) Integrating Maps

    2) Geolocation :- Finding user location,

    Location Aware

    3) Knowing about Segues.

    4) App :- Memorable places.

    Web& Core Data:

    1) Introduction

    2) Understanding UISafariController,


    3) App :- Blog Reader


    1) Understanding Git – Code Checking,

    checkout & merge

    2) Integrating with I Ads in your app

    3) Touch Id.

    4) Custom Keyboards

    Bonus chapter:

    1) Integrating to Firebase

    2) Online database

    3) App :- Grocery list

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