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Course Overview

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Course Description

  • Introduction to R
  • The R ecosystem
  • Data types
  • Data structures
  • Data handling
  • Functions
  • Basic statistics in R
  • Graphics in R
  • The R environment
  • Statistical analysis with R
  • Advanced statistical modeling with R
  • Introduction to Writing R Packages
  • Integrating with other tools.

Topics Covered

    Introduction to R

    • R as a language
    • Working with data in R

    The R ecosystem

    • Why use R?
    • Getting started
    • Installation and setup
    • Packages

    Data types

    • Character
    • Factor
    • Integer
    • Float
    • Date and time

    Data structures

    • Vectors
    • Matrices
    • Lists
    • Data frames

    Data handling

    • Importing data from multiple sources/formats like .csv, .txt, .xlsx, SAS and SPSS files
    • Exporting data to multiple formats
    • Handling data frames: filtering, sorting, merging
    • PLYR package for easy data manipulation


    • Commonly used built in functions
    • Writing user defined functions
    • Installing packages
    • Looping functions
    • The "apply" family of functions
    • Basic visualization

    Basic statistics in R

    • Distributions
    • Testing
    • Modeling

    Graphics in R

    • Graphics for exploratory data analysis
    • Standard graphic displays
    • The R environment
    • R in the cloud

    Statistical analysis with R

    • Linear models
    • Generalized linear models

    Advanced statistical modeling with R

    • Density estimation
    • Survival analysis
    • Classification
    • Clustering

    Introduction to Writing R Packages
    Integrating with other tools.

    • Tableau
    • Python
    • CPP

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