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This Tableau Certification Training will get you up to speed on concepts of data visualization with a firm understanding of Tableau Architecture. You will be well-versed in the concepts of Filters, Parameters, Graphs, Maps, Table Calculation and Dashboards. You will gain further expertise in data blending, data aggregation and R Connectivity with Tableau.

Topics Covered




    ·         Course Introduction

    Field Types and Visual Cues

    ·         Tableau Desktop

    ·         Scenario

    ·         Objectives

    ·         Application Terminology and Definitions

    ·         Opening and Closing Tableau

    ·         Data Source Page

    ·         Tableau Workspace

    ·         Files and Folders

    ·         Getting Started with Tableau

    ·         View Terminology and Definitions

    ·         View Sections

    ·         Data Terminology and Definitions

    ·         Data Types

    ·         Data Roles: Dimension vs. Measure

    ·         Data Roles: Continuous vs. Discrete

    ·         Changing Data Roles

    ·         Visual Cues for Fields

    ·         Visual Cues for Fields in the Data Pane

    ·         Visual Cues for Fields in the Rows or Column Shelves

    Data Connection in Tableau Interface

    ·         Data Connections in the Tableau

    ·         Connecting to Tableau Data Server

    ·         What is a Join

    ·         Types of Joins

    ·         When to Use Joining

    ·         Enabling Right Outer Join

    ·         Right Outer Join and Custom SQL Enabled

    ·         What is Data Blending

    ·         When to Use Data Blending

    ·         Data Blending in Tableau

    ·         Differences Between Joining and Blending

    ·         Joining vs. Blending

    ·         Writing Custom SQL

    ·         Prepare your Data for Analysis

    Organizing and Simplifying Data

     ·         Organizing and Simplifying Data

    ·         Objectives

    ·         Filtering Data

    ·         What is a Filter

    ·         Applying a Filter to a View

    ·         Filtering on Dimensions

    ·         Filtering on Dimensions Functions

    ·         Aggregating Measures

    ·         Filtering on Measures

    ·         Filtering on Dates

    ·         Quick Filters

    ·         Sorting of Data

    ·         What is Sorting

    ·         Sorting Data in Tableau

    ·         Types of Sorting

    ·         Creating Combined Fields

    ·         Combined Fields

    ·         Creating Groups and Defining Aliases

    ·         What is a Group

    ·         What are Aliases

    ·         Defining an Alias

    ·         Working with Sets and Combined Sets

    ·         Sets

    ·         Combined Sets

    ·         Working with Groups and Sets

    ·         Drill to Other Levels in a Hierarchy

    ·         Grand totals and Subtotals

    ·         Adding Totals

    ·         Adding Totals

    ·         How to Define Aggregations

    ·         Changing Aggregation Function

    ·         Tableau Bins

    ·         Bins

    ·         Fixed Sized Bins

    ·         Variable Sized Bins

    Formatting and Annotations

    ·         Formatting and Annotations

    ·         Custom Geocoding

    ·         Adding Caption to Views

    ·         Click Interaction Adding Title to View

    ·         Click Interaction2 Adding Captions to View

    ·         Using Titles Captions and Tool tips

    ·         Adding Tooltips to Views

    ·         Using Title Caption and Tooltip

    ·         Formatting the Axes

    ·         Edit Axis Option

    ·         Formatting Views with Labels and Annotations

    ·         Format Window

    ·         Format Mark Labels

    ·         Annotations

    ·         Format Manipulations

     Special Field Types

    ·         Special Field Types

    ·         Date Hierarchies

    ·         Drilling in the Time Hierarchy

    ·         Pivoting Date Parts on Shelves

    ·         Differentiate Between Discrete and Continuous Dates

    ·         Using Continuous Dates

    ·         Using Discrete Dates

    ·         Working with Discrete and Continuous dates

    ·         What are Custom Dates

    ·         Creating and Using Custom Dates

    ·         Fiscal Year

    ·         Define a Date Field on a Fiscal Year

    ·         Relative Date Filters

    ·         Importing Date Dimensions in Tableau from a Cube

    ·         Work with Date Hierarchies on Cubes

    ·         Dates in Cube (Multidimensional) Data Sources

    ·         Dates in Cubes Vs. Relational Data Sources

    Tableau Generated Fields

    ·         Tableau Generated Fields

    ·         Using Measure Values and Measure Names

    ·         Using Multiple Measures in a View

    ·         Using the Number of Records Measure 

    ·         Using Latitude and Longitude Fields


    Chart Types


    ·         Chart Types

    ·         Working with Combined Axis

    ·         Working with Combination Charts

    ·         Understanding geocoding and geographic mapping in tableau

    ·         Combined Axis Graph and Scatter Plot

    ·         Describe text and highlight tables

    ·         Work with Pages Shelf and Create Motion Charts

    ·         Heat Maps

    ·         Using Bins and Histograms

    ·         Using Histograms

    ·         Using Pie Charts

    ·         Compare Measures Using Bullet Charts

    ·         Using Bar in Bar Charts

    ·         Define Advanced Chart Types

    ·         Using Pareto Charts

    ·         Creating Pareto Charts

    ·         Using Waterfall Charts

    ·         Using Gantt Charts

    ·         Working with box plots

    ·         Using Sparkline Charts


    ·         Calculations

    ·         Objectives

    ·         Strings Date Logical and Arithmetic Calculation

    ·         Working with Strings Date Logical and Arithmetic Calculations

    ·         Using Strings Date Logical and Arithmetic Calculations

    ·         Working with Arithmetic Calculations

    ·         Aggregation Options

    ·         Working with Aggregation Options

    ·         Grand Totals and Sub-Totals

    ·         Quick Table Calculations

    ·         Creating Quick Table Calculations

    ·         Working with Quick Table Calculations

    ·         Automatic and Custom Split

    ·         Ad-hoc Analytics

    ·         LOD Calculations

    Creating and using Parameters

     ·         Creating and using Parameters

    ·         Objectives

    ·         What is a Parameter

    ·         Creating a Parameter

    ·         Exploring Parameter Controls

    ·         Work with Parameters

    ·         Click Interaction Working with Parameters


     ·         Mapping

    ·         Objectives

    ·         Modifying Locations within Tableau

    ·         Importing and Modifying Custom Geocoding

    ·         Working with Symbol Map and Filled Map

    ·         Using Background Image

    ·         Exploring Geographic Search

    ·         Perform Pan Zoom Lasso and Radial Selection

    ·         Working with WMS Server Maps


     ·         Statistics

    ·         Objectives

    ·         Add Reference Lines Bands and Distribution

    ·         Adding Reference Lines

    ·         Adding Reference Bands

    ·         Adding Reference Distribution

    ·         Working Reference Lines Bands and Forecasting

    ·         Trend lines and Trend Models

    ·         Understanding Trend Lines

    ·         Enabling Trend lines

    ·         Click Interaction Understanding Trend Models

    ·         Working with Describe Trend Model Window

    ·         Working with Trend Lines

    ·         Statistical Summary Card

    ·         Perform Drag and Drop Analytics

    ·         Explore Instant Analysis

    ·         Forecasting


     ·         Dashboards

    ·         Objectives

    ·         Build Interactive Dashboards

    ·         What is a Dashboard

    ·         Building Dashboards

    ·         Best practices for creating effective dashboards

    ·         Comprehending Best Practices

    ·         Creating a Dashboard and Importing Sheets

    ·         Interaction Exploring Dashboard Actions

    ·         Use of Running Actions

    ·         Using Dashboard Actions

    ·         Sharing your Work

    ·         How to Share your Reports

    ·         Exporting your Work

    Case Study

    ·         Project

    ·         Resume preparation

    ·         Mock interviews

    ·         Tableau 10 new features.

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